Well That’s One Way To Lose These Walking Blues, Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes…


Fresh off the heels of my post from yesterday (and this one too!), I decided to keep going with the whole blue thing. I mean, everyone loves blue, so why not keep talking about it, huh? Now that the rain has (hopefully) officially ended here in DC, I’m desperate to start shopping for some fun new pieces for spring! I love all of these picks I’ve laid out for you below, but I’d have to say that the satin hair bow is at the top of my list (I also want it in black!). Next to that it’s gotta be the floral printed set because, duh, I’ve never met a matching set I wasn’t obsessed with! Really, when you’re feeling a little down – and this weather has certainly made me feel that way – it’s nice to treat yourself to a little something special in this lovely shade ever. So I guess I’ve got the springtime blues still, but I’m OK with that when they’re this pretty!



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