But She Wears Short Skirts, I Wear T-shirts, She’s Cheer Captain And I’m On The Bleachers…


No surprise I’m a sucker for a great skirt. So when I realized it had been a while since I did a roundup of my favorite skirts as a Friday Shopping post, I was eager to hop onto my favorite online shops and pick out my current obsessions. Turns out I was all over the board with my picks: mini, midi, printed and pleated – there wasn’t one kind of skirt that didn’t catch my eye!

Poor Little It Girl - Summer Skirts Under $100

1. Jacquard Skirt | 2. Pastel Skirt
3. Pencil Skirt | 4. Rugby Skirt
5. Leaf Print Skirt | 6. Floral Skirt
7. Wavelength Skirt | 8. Stripe Skirt
9. Rose Textured Midi Skirt

More Summer Skirts I Love:


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  1. Jazmin

    Number 9 is super cute. I have the exact fabric of number 1 lying around my sample room at work. I don’t like it very much :S It’s a cute shape though, I saw it in my city’s new TopShop the other day and tried it on :)