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Holiday Gift Guide – My Wish List To Santa

I’ve been working on my Gift Guide Series for y’all for a few weeks now, but it took my boyfriend simply asking me the other night “What do you want for Christmas?” that got me thinking about what I would really like under the tree. Nothing too crazy here, just a few little things that I love that would make me smile. I mean, who doesn’t love a cozy new sweater, a sweet smelling candle, or the most perfect blush ever! Maybe a few of these things are on your wish list as well and, if so, feel free to share this one with family and friends!

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Ten | Eleven | Twelve

My Wish List To Santa:

Weekly Weakness – ASOS Oversized Scarves

Y’all know me – I don’t discriminate when it comes to blanket scarves. I buy just about any one I can get my hands on (example A, B and C) and, let’s be honest, you can never own too many. And who’s killing it in the blanket scarf game better than anyone else? Well, that’s ASOS, of course! Their website is full of these oversized beauties that are just begging for you to wrap around your whole face/neck/head to keep out the cold. Oh, and do these make great gifts? You betcha! So if you’re shopping for your mom, sister, or basic bro – pick up every single one of these scarves. How does the saying go? The bigger the scarf the closer to God? Yeah…that’s right.

ASOS Oversized Cable Knit Scarf

Poor Little It Girl - Weakly Weakness - Oversized Blanket Scarves

 The Best Oversized Blanket Scarves at ASOS: