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Just When I Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse, I Realized I Forgot My Purse…

I am definitely not a bag-obsessed girl. I find one bag I love, and wear it around till it’s falling apart and I’m forced to find its replacement. Not sure what it is, I just don’t go crazy over them. This satchel came into my life after I forgot to pack a purse on my trip to Charleston with Jessica (I use a backpack when I travel, hence forgetting to bring an actual purse) and popped in to pick up this beauty at a Madewell store around the corner from our hotel. And not to pick favorites, but this has to be my most favorite bag EVER! It goes with everything and can hold a ton of my junk without me fearing it’s going to explode. So I figured with that, I’d share a few things that you could expect to find in my bag on any given day because hell, who doesn’t love a great “In Her Bag” blog post! Enjoy!

Poor Little It Girl - "In Her Bag" for fall!

Satchel | Notebook | Shades
Dark Lipstick | Business Card Holder
Phone Case | Mini Mascara | Hair Ties
Heathy Snack Bar | Nail Polish | Gum
Red Lipstick | Headphones | Wallet
Chapstick | Face Powder

More Bags to Love:

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Some Diamonds Are Blue, Chivalry Is Dead But You’re Still Kind Of Cute…

One look at my closet and you’d swear my favorite color was navy. From striped T-shirts to dresses and denim – I’ve got it all! Instead of trying to shy away from my favorite shades of blue, navy and indigo (although I swear up and down anytime I’m asked that my favorite color is green!) I’m just going to embrace it and, at this rate, I’ll have my entire closet full of every shade of blue there can be. Guess it’s time to start shopping…and I’ve found a few favorites as we prep for fall that I’m ready to add to my collection, all under $100 of course.

Poor Little It Girl - Blue, Navy and Indigo Under $100

One | Two | Three
Four | Five | Six
Seven | Eight | Nine
Ten | Eleven

Navy Favorites Under $100:

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