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And He’s So Funny In His Bright Red Shirt, We Were All In Love And We All Got Hurt…

During the cold, winter months, it seemed I finished off every look with bold red lipstick. But now that spring has finally arrived, I find myself straying from my favorite color for some reason. Well, that stops now! There are so many amazing pieces out this season in this classic color that it’s easy to make it part of your wardrobe. Weather you like true red, apple red, tomato red, coral red – it doesn’t matter! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites in this ruby shade…which ones are you loving?!

Poor Little It Girl - Color Crush on RED

Waiting on Martha Canvas Clutch | Topshop Palm Print Romper
Sole Society Beaded Necklace | Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain
J.Crew Sailor Stripe Tee | Topshop Strappy Maxi Dress
Topshop Espadrilles | Madewell Swimsuit | ASOS Ballet Flats

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I Was Thinking About Diamonds And The World’s Biggest Necklace As We Rode Through The Canyons…

To keep things organized, I hang my necklaces on a little wall hook thing I picked up at Target a few years back. Unfortunately, the other day as I was cleaning, I must have bumped the hook wrong and it fell onto the hardwood floor, breaking 3 of my favorite necklaces. After the initial shock and devastation of losing a few of my go-to accessories, I realized this also meant I was able to update my jewelry collection with a few new pieces for spring. It didn’t take long to find these favorites at some of my favorite shops…all for under $100, of course!

Poor Little It Girl - Necklaces For Spring Under $100


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