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Some Diamonds Are Blue, Chivalry Is Dead But You’re Still Kind Of Cute…

One look at my closet and you’d swear my favorite color was navy. From striped T-shirts to dresses and denim – I’ve got it all! Instead of trying to shy away from my favorite shades of blue, navy and indigo (although I swear up and down anytime I’m asked that my favorite color is green!) I’m just going to embrace it and, at this rate, I’ll have my entire closet full of every shade of blue there can be. Guess it’s time to start shopping…and I’ve found a few favorites as we prep for fall that I’m ready to add to my collection, all under $100 of course.

Poor Little It Girl - Blue, Navy and Indigo Under $100

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Navy Favorites Under $100:

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Weekly Weakness – Madewell Paisley Print Tee

When I first moved to DC last year, I worked at my local Madewell while I was on the job hunt. While I was obsessed with their laid back yet refined style, it’s a store that has seemingly slipped off my radar for a while. I recently stopped into their store during my trip to Charleston last month, but it was when I made a quick stop into my local store the other day that I was really blow away!I almost forgot how much I love their fall collections – and this years does not disappoint. This paisley print tee is what initially caught my eye, but they have so many amazing pieces for the season that you’re going to have a hard time picking just one to love this season!

Madewell Paisley Print Tee

Poor Little It Girl - Weekly Weakness- Madewell

More Favorites From Madewell Under $100: