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You Put A Double On Your Troubles, The Light At This End Of The Tunnel Is Always Neon…

How To Wear Neon With Poor Little It Girl{All image credits can be found via my Pinterest page}

Wearing neon is always a bit tricky. You want to come off cool and totally posh without looking like you were just in fight, and lost, to a couple buckets of paint. With the dreary gray skies in DC right now (seriously weather Gods…can we work on this and bring a little sunshine?!) I am craving some serious color. It all started with this neon skirt from Madewell and then drawing colors from this Anna Balkan necklace, I found a fun mix by incorporating multiple shades of neon with a couple neutrals to create one fab look this season.

How To Wear Neon With Poor Little It Girl

1. Saint James Top, $90 | 2. Anna Balkan, over $100 (SPONSORED POST)
3. Madewell Pencil Skir, $85 | 4. Gap Belt, $29.95
5. ZARA Heels, $89.90 | 6. Gap Envelope Clutch, $39.95

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(Post Title: “Neon” by Chris Young)

And No You Don’t Want To Mess With Us, Got Jesus On My Necklace…

We’re always looking to update our wardrobe each season. Sure, it’s fun to go out and buy new tops every few months, but sometimes the budget (or closet space) doesn’t allow for all those new purchases. If you’re looking for a quick-fix this summer to had some interest to those basic tanks and tees, invest in some fun statement necklaces! Choose a S.N. with a funky collection of beads or in bold colors to make the biggest impact. Mix and match this accessory with any of your favorite tops and you’ll have a whole new wardrobe to get you through the summer!

1. Topshop Tie-Front Tee, $20
2. Modcloth Necklace, $34.99
3. J.Crew Tank, $30
4. Forever 21 Necklace, $10.80
5. Kate Spade Necklace, $97
6. Saint James Tee, $85