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Weekly Weakness – Topshop Sleeveless Jacket

Ever since I picked up a striped vest, I’ve sort of become obsessed. I mean, I call it a vest, some call it a sleeveless jacket – but whatever. It’s the easiest and most perfect layering pieces for this time and year, and will totally transition into my fall wardrobe, too! This one from Topshop instantly became my new favorite find, simply because I loves its structured shape. I mean, you really can wear this over just about anything and you’ll instantly feel more put together. Now, is it bad if I buy it in all three colors?

Topshop Sleeveless Jacket

Weekly Weakness - Topshop Sleeveless Jacket

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…and don’t forget: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still in full swing! Here are a few more pieces I found that need to be mine!


And I Was Standin’ On The Side Of The Road, Rain Fallin’ On My Shoes, Heading Out For The East Coast…

On Monday night, my sisters were in town visiting from Florida, and we went and saw the Taylor Swift concert here in DC. Of course it was amazing and I had no voice for 2 days…because when you’re at a T-Swift show you’re standing, dancing and singing for the entire 2 hours. So I don’t know why I was so dumb, but I totally wore heels to the stadium. Not high heels really, but nonetheless block heels that were torture devices by the time the night ended. So I’m dedicating todays shopping post to all the pretty flats I can find, and clearly need to invest in since heels will not be a top priority in my life till my poor toes regain feeling. Seriously, I’m too old for heels all day…my grandma need a serious break in something pretty!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five
Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

More Fancy Flats To Love:

And today is the DAY! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now live to the public so if you haven’t already…get to shopping! Here are some of my favorites I plan to pick up now or you can also shop my Top 10 Lists too!

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