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I Was Thinking About Diamonds And The World’s Biggest Necklace As We Rode Through The Canyons…

To keep things organized, I hang my necklaces on a little wall hook thing I picked up at Target a few years back. Unfortunately, the other day as I was cleaning, I must have bumped the hook wrong and it fell onto the hardwood floor, breaking 3 of my favorite necklaces. After the initial shock and devastation of losing a few of my go-to accessories, I realized this also meant I was able to update my jewelry collection with a few new pieces for spring. It didn’t take long to find these favorites at some of my favorite shops…all for under $100, of course!

Poor Little It Girl - Necklaces For Spring Under $100


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Like A Breath Of Spring She Came And Left, And I Still Don’t Know Why

If there’s one thing I don’t own enough of, it’s skirts! Sure, I have a whole rail in my closet designated for this particular category, but I always find the need to add just one more. In floral prints, fit and flare styles and the oh so popular midi – you really can’t go wrong with any style of skirt this spring! Here are a few of my favorites for under a hundo…it’s hard to pick just one to add to my collection!

Poor Little It Girl - Springtime Skirts Under $100

Botanical Wrap Skirt | Textured Midi Skirt
Patterned Midi Skirt | Folklore Skirt
Palm Leaf Skirt | Full Midi Skirt
Biker Mini Skirt

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