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Like A Breath Of Spring She Came And Left, And I Still Don’t Know Why

If there’s one thing I don’t own enough of, it’s skirts! Sure, I have a whole rail in my closet designated for this particular category, but I always find the need to add just one more. In floral prints, fit and flare styles and the oh so popular midi – you really can’t go wrong with any style of skirt this spring! Here are a few of my favorites for under a hundo…it’s hard to pick just one to add to my collection!

Poor Little It Girl - Springtime Skirts Under $100

Botanical Wrap Skirt | Textured Midi Skirt
Patterned Midi Skirt | Folklore Skirt
Palm Leaf Skirt | Full Midi Skirt
Biker Mini Skirt

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A Dress That You Made Long To Hide Your Knees, Love To Say This To Your Face, I’ll Love You Only…

With my maxi dress collection capping off at around three, I’ve decided that I really do need more of this style in my life. Not only is the longer cut springtime perfection with it’s flowing bottom in breezy fabrics, but it’s such an unexpected surprise in a sea of mini dresses you see around town once the weather starts to warm up. I usually reserve maxi dresses for Sunday brunches, not only because I don’t have to worry about shaving my legs in the shower that morning, but I can stuff my face with as much French Toast and mimosas as I want since they’re pretty forgiving in the belly area…talk about a win-win!

Poor Little It Girl -  Springtime Maxi Dresses

American Eagle Halter Maxi Dress | Dorothy Perkins Blush Floral Maxi Dress
Topshop Jewel Green Beaded Back Maxi Dress | Gap Floral Cami Maxi Dress
Topshop Embroidered Maxi Slip Dress | Warehouse Bold Print Maxi Dress

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