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Don’t Carry The World Upon Your Shoulders, For Well You Know That It’s A Fool Who Plays It Cool…

Call it a cold shoulder blouse or a bardot dress – off the shoulder shirts and dresses are everywhere this spring. I tried this trend a little while back (and even pronounced my love for it in a Weekly Weakness), but the obsession is in full force currently. I love the whimsical, bohemian vibe of an off the shoulder look, plus this detailing is so unexpected it makes a regular old outfit look way more fun!

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Seven | Eight | Nine

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Glitter All Over The Room, Pink Flamingos In The Pool…

Ok y’all, I got really excited as I was putting this post together. Not only because I love pink for spring (duh) but there are seriously SO many amazing pieces out this season in this rosy shade! If I had put all of the pieces in I wanted, this post would have been 5 times as long. So here you have it, another color-crush shopping post with the happiest shade for spring. Looks like I’m about to do some serious shopping!

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Five | Six | Seven | Eight
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Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen
Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen

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