Decorating On A Budget With Target Home Decor


Target Home Decor - Home Decorating On A Budget - Poor Little It Girl

Safe to say, majority of our apartment comes from the Target Home Decor and Furniture department. Sorry y’all, I’m  not a big ass blogger making millions over here (or do I have daddy’s/a rich husbands credit card). This Poor Little It Girl is all about saving money and making my home look amazing, without spending a ton. That means I get to head to heaven on earth: Target!

When we lived in DC, there was a Target sure, but it in no way compares to a “real” Target out here in the suburbs. I mean, it’s magical. And like any normal girl, I always go in there for one thing and end up coming out with a cart full of goodies! Lately, I’ve got home decor on the brain even more as we are currently saving up to purchase a house next year. Finally, no more renting! In any case, when I’m not on Zillow weeping at all the beautiful recently renovated homes in Atlanta that we can’t afford quite yet, I am getting inspiration for how I’d want to decorate our new space.

So for today’s Weekly Weakness, I wanted to share some of my favorite Target Home Decor finds that I am in love with. Seriously y’all, Target is where it’s at! From rugs to artwork to furniture, I’ll take it all! Check out the slideshow to shop a few of my favorite finds and yes, Start shopping for them yourself too!

Don’t miss my Home Decor board on Pinterest – where I share TONS of inspiration on how to decorate!

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