Thank Your Granddad For Donating That Plaid Button-Up Shirt…


This plaid shirt recently came into my life, and while I love her, I generally pair her with dark skinny jeans and ballet flats. Looking for a bit of plaid-spiration, I headed to Pinterest of course to see how some stylish ladies rock this grungy style. From full skirts to leather jackets and everything in between, here’s a little plaid shirt styling, from the casual to the dressy, that’s totally inspiring my fall wardrobe.

Plaid Inspiration - Poor Little It Girl

Find all links for photos on my Pinterest board!

{Post Title: “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore}

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  1. Kodi

    Crazy about plaid too! Love these looks. I’ve heard that Goodwill is the place to find perfect plaid shirts — maybe it’s time to go check that theory out!
    grey et al

  2. Berty Morales

    OMG, this is so funny because mine actually did belonged to my grandpa and I love it. I wear it as a dress because it is huge on me LOL. Love this post and I am insane about plaid.