You Walked Into The Party Like You Were Walking On A Yacht, Your Hat Strategically Dipped Below One Eye…


I am 100% a hat girl. I know they’re not for everyone…but I am obsessed. For the summer, it’s all about the Panama hat, but for fall, give me all the felt fedoras and knit beanies to wear all season long. I mean, sure I’ll say that hats finish off a look and are the perfect accessory to make a statement, but really, nothing fixes a bad hair day better than a great hat. While I already own more hats then I care to admit, let’s be honest, there’s always room for one more.

One | Two | Three | Four
Five | Six | Seven | Eight

More Hats To Love For Fall:


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  1. Brittany

    I love them all!! I just bought my first Topshop Fedora and am super excited to wear it! I don’t wear many hats since my hair is big and curly- makes it very hard to wear hats, but I am going to go for it regardless and my hair will just have to get over it! Thanks for the inspiration! xo


    1. Poor Little It Girl

      I know, right! Sometimes you have to go for the super warm beanie! xoxo Cathy

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      It took me a while to embrace the hat too, but now I’m obsessed! xoxo Cathy