There’s Beauty In Walking Away…


Beauty products have never really been my thing. Sure I wash and moisturize my face every morning and night as well as lotion up after each shower, but other than that I don’t have a drawer of a million creams and treatments to keep me looking fresh. My makeup bag is small and holds just the basics (I don’t even own eye shadow) and my hair products just consist of what I’ve stole from my moms house when I go home to visit.

So while I may not have a huge beauty regimen, here are a few “Must Have” items that I’ve just got to have for spring!  Again, I’m big on moisturizing so I keep my skin and my lips hydrated and soft. (Never know when a cute boy will come along…so I’m always prepared!) When it comes to make-up, I splurge on the reeeeaallly good mascara and opt for bronzer over my foundation when I start to get tan instead of buying a darker shade. And I don’t go anywhere without a good pair of tweezers! (Yes, it is important to spend $20 on the Tweezerman…they’ll change your life!)

1. Lancome, $18 2. The Body Shop, $16 3. Tweezerman, $19
4. Victoria’s Secret, $25 5. Clinique, $24.50 6. Neutrogena, $6.49
7. Laura Mercier, $32 8. YSL, $30 9. Neutrogena, $10.29
10. Covergirl, $8 11. Frederic Fekkai, $23 12. Too Faced, $17


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  1. Kathryn

    True story: I bought the cheapest pair of tweezers I could find, because I thought “hey they’re all the same!” FALSE. I’m buying number 3 stat. And I want to try that YSL mascara too! Have a great weekend love. xo