They Never Did Like Mama’s Homemade Dress, Papa’s Bankbook Wasn’t Big Enough…


‘Tis the season for maxi dresses. Sure short sundresses are a springtime staple, but there is something about a long, flowing maxi that makes a girl feel extra stylish this season. Not only can you see these long dresses worn on some of your favorite blogs (shout out to Lacey!) but you can easily find them all over your local mall too. These styles are easy to wear and so gosh darn comfortable that I can’t wait to add more maxi’s to my closet this spring…starting first with this Topshop Tie Dye one. Swoon!

1. Topshop Tie Dye Maxi Dress, $70
2. T-Bags Striped Jersey Maxi Dress, $78
3. Quiksilver Tiki Tile Maxi Dress, $69.50
4. Hanna Andersson Summer Sun Maxi Dress, $70.40
5. Topshop Swirl Print Maxi Dress, $60
6. Geren Ford Jersey Maxi Dress, $68.20

(Post Title: “Tangled Up In Blue” by Bob Dylan)

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