Today I Met The Boy I’m Gonna Marry…


It’s officially wedding season, and I’m so excited that I get to travel to the Midwest to attend the wedding of one of my amazing friends. I’m happy to see these two love birds tie the knot (eww…I hate being mushy), have one hell of a reunion with my college friends, and of course to buy a new dress to wear for the festivities! Besides knowing I want to wear a pale pink shade (summery and sweet) I am at a loss to find the perfect dress. While my style usually goes two different routes (hippie chic or ultra girly) I only know that whatever fashion vibe I choose, I want to stand out a little bit from the sea of sundresses on Saturday. I’ve put together two inspiration pieces for my wedding attire for the weekend, both very different yet appropriate (with a little edge) for a lovely ceremony and a serious rendition of “SHOUT!” during the reception!

1. Miss Selfridge Dress,£48.00 2. Forever 21, $4.80 3. Zara Pumps, $39.99
4. Essie Polish, $8 5. House of Harlow Necklace, $79 6. Asos Clutch, $77.58

1. Topshop Dress, $100  2. Kenneth Cole Ring, $40
3. Menbur Clutch, $43 4. Forever 21, $24.80 5. NARS Blush, $27

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  1. Yasmine

    School is about to start for me. Can you post a list of clothing must-haves I should have for school?