Above The Blue And Windy Sea, When I Come Home To You, San Francisco Your Golden Sun Will Shine For Me…


Last month, Jessica and I took a trip out west to a city we’ve both been dying to visit: San Francisco. Now, let me explain something to you about me and Jessica. The reason we’re not only wonderful business partners, but also best friends, is because we like the same things when we travel. And what are those “things” I speak of? Well, it’s broken down into three categories: food, wine and naps. And that’s exactly what we did in California! Seriously, I think San Francisco is the best food city I’ve ever been too (sorry, Charleston…I still love you!) but I’ve never enjoyed so much deliciousness, ever! So take a tour of San Fran through the slideshow and I hope it inspires you to travel out west soon! (Or at least makes you hungry, because you’re about to see a LOT of food!)

Poor Little It Girl - Travel Guide To San Francisco - @poorlilitgirl

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  1. Veronica

    Hey Cathy! Fun seeing your pics – as a local in SF, I love to see pics from people visiting and where you end up going. You’re definitely right, SF food is the best! Sucks that FSU lost that game, but at least we beat the gators ;)
    xo Veronica


  2. Christi

    I LOVE SF! My husband and I took a trip there for our 1st wedding anniversary and did not want to come back home to Virginia! I absolutely adored Napa Valley…that was my favorite part of the trip…but it was June and the weather was perfect. Too bad you had such bad weather…you should totally try again in the summer!


    1. Poor Little It Girl

      I would love to try again when it’s pretty and we know what we’re doing! LOL xoxo Cathy

  3. Jessica

    I love your pictures! I had brunch at the Palace Hotel once and I fell in love with that place. You definitely feel transported back to another time when you are there.
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      Not sure what you mean by this question, but I just used my DSLR camera around the city and snapped shots! xoxo Cathy