I’m More Of The Trips To Florida, Order The H’orderves, Views Of The Water…


It’s been almost two months since Adam and I got engaged, and an exciting two months without a doubt. For those that don’t know, Adam and I dated in college for about three years, then broke up once I moved to NYC after graduation. We always kept in touch, each had other serious relationships that ultimately ended, and reconnected about four years ago and have been together ever since. So when everyone asks if I’m surprised he asked me to marry him, the answer is always no because, duh. But was I surprised when it happened, you bet! (Well, Adam did ask to take a selfie together right before he proposed, which he’s never asked to do in the 11 years I’ve known him, so I knew something was up about 3 seconds before he got down on his knee.) We went for a long walk here in DC one night after dinner, and ended up at the National Cathedral. I’d like to keep the details somewhat close, but basically he did his thing, I ugly cried/sobbed, and I haven’t been happier.

Poor Little It Girl - Travel to Florida

The next morning after we got engaged, we headed down to Florida for the holidays for a bit of sunshine and time with family. Adam’s from a small town called Crystal River, a little north of Tampa, and it was nice to get away for a few days, share the big news with everyone, and just relax. It was well over 80 degrees, and I was in too much of a daze that my dumb self packed mostly jeans and t-shirts (i.e I was sweating my butt off the entire time) since I was coming from cold DC. I snapped a few photos of our stay at the Plantation on Crystal River where we stayed, and thought it might be fun to share a few with y’all here.

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