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I can’t even begin to count how many celebrity photos I look at during the day.  From blogs to websites to magazines, I am constantly inundated with shots of today’s hottest young stars.

Ashley Green at 2010 Teen Choice Awards

While perusing through press shots from this years Teen Choice Awards, pictures I’ve looked at dozens of times, I came across this shot of Ashley Greene and HAD to take a second look so quickly that I nearly got whiplash!  She. Looks. FLAWLESS.  From the hair to the color of the dress to the makeup…she’s radiating  Young Hollywood Perfection.

As a P.L.I.G, my brain automatically switches to: HOW can I get that look for my every day life?  While the dress is a bit formal for day-to-day wear, (strapless, shmmer, and heels are not words in my fashion vocabulary as I’m running weekend errands) I found this great option from Topshop that I feel brings all the elements together:  the pale pink girly color with the dark contrast at the neckline (which brings your eyes automatically up to the face) along with delicate peep-toe flats and a functional bag – this effortless and feminine look is an ideal choice for the weekend!

Topshop dress, approx $57

Report flats, $45

Forever 21 bag, $24.80

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