Urban Outfitters Spring Style


Urban Outfitters Spring Style - Poor Little It Girl

This past Friday I was at the mall with Jessica looking for a few more pieces to add to my Charleston packing list. On the hunt for some cute pajamas, we strolled into Urban Outfitters. Y’all…I wanted SO many things! So with that urge to spend all my money in one store, I knew I had to make UO my Weekly Weakness this week!

With enough will power to not buy everything that caught my eye, the only piece I just HAD to come home with twos this little cotton button from dress above. I didn’t see the yellow version in my store (LOVE it!) but I did get it in the pink and orange stripe one and I know it’s going to be a new favorite for spring.

It doesn’t stop there! Check out the slideshow below to see the rest of my Urban Outfitters Spring Favorites! Click the gray box to see why I’m still in love with this old school brand  and why they have some of the best pieces for springtime you’re going to go crazy for!

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