Aruba, Jamaica, Oh I Want To Take Ya to Bermuda, Bahama, Come On Pretty Mama…


As you know, myself and Adam went on a magical vacation to Aruba a couple weeks back. It really was our first “official” vacation together and it was even better than I had hoped! Between the gorgeous weathers, spending hours relaxing at the beach, enjoying frozen cocktails by the water, touring the amazing (but small) island – it was just what we needed to relax and unwind from our typical life in the city. It was an easy flight to get to Aruba – about three hours from DC to Miami, and then another 3 hours from Miami to Aruba. A far cry from my 12+ hour trip to Argentina I had done the week prior, this one was a breeze to get to! I have never really been to the Caribbean before (besides quick stops on a couple cruises when I was younger) so it was nice to really get to spend time in one place, meet the locals, and really explore the culture. Not to mention you meet so many other tourists from all over the world, too! I can’t recommend Aruba enough, and The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, who hosted us for this trip enough. The slogan for Aruba is “One Happy Island” and I honestly couldn’t agree more. So if you love the beach, warm weather and a nice relaxing vacation – this is the place for you! View the slideshow below to get a more in depth look at our five days in paradise….enjoy!

Poor Little It Girl - Aruba Vacation - @poorlilitgirl

My trip was provided by Aruba and The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort. All views are my own.



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  1. Jess Zimlich

    Apparently I didn’t pay very close attention in geography because I had no clue Aruba was so close to Miami. I love all the colored buildings :) My parents visited years and years ago on their honeymoon and it’s always been on my bucket list!

  2. Claudia Celli

    I’ve been there in my honeymoon and it was amazing!
    Btw have you written anything about your trip to Argentina?

    Thanks. Claudia