Weekly Weakness – Ann Taylor Jeweled Collar Shirt


Confession: I do not own a white button front shirt. Sure, I own this boyfriend-y one that, I admit, has a stain on the front and yet I continue to wear it, but I’m talking one of those fancy crisp white ones that you wear for the office or fancy places like that. Well, even though I don’t work in one of those fancy offices, I still was craving this closet staple every other twenty-something woman seems to own except me. Insert Ann Taylor. This button front not only embodies the classic shape and cut I was craving, but that jeweled collar adds that extra little something that this girl needed. Wear it buttoned up under sweaters for winter, and tied at the waist with flirty little skirts this spring. All around perfection and, you guessed it…under $100.

Poor Little It Girl - Ann Taylor Jeweled Collar Shirt

Ann Taylor Jeweled Collar Shirt

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