Weekly Weakness – ASOS Army Parka


Well, I’m finally settled in Washington D.C. and I must say…I am LOVING it! My little apartment is so stinkin’ cute (pictures to come) and I already have blogger dates set up with some of my favorite online friends. However, this weather has been a little, umm…crappy. Since I know this cold weather is going to last a while (sure not in Georgia anymore!) I feel I can justify stocking up on a few more jackets andI am dying for this army parka. Sure it comes in the standard khaki/green color, but this navy is really unexpected and swoon-worthy. It’s the perfect piece to layer with just about anything this season. (ASOS Army Parka, $96.47)

Poor Little It Girl's Weekly Weakness with ASOS

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  1. Megan

    Welcome to DC! I too moved from Georgia to DC a few years ago, and majorly miss the warm weather. My family still lives in Georgia so whenever I head home for the holidays, I shop a ton while there since it is so much cheaper than shopping in DC and seasonal items go on sale much earlier in Georgia but can still be worn for months in DC!

  2. Kate

    I’ve got a shipment from ASOS I’m waiting on! I can’t wait till it gets here! Definitely check back on the blog to see what goodies I’ve gotten! Love ASOS!