Weekly Weakness – Asos Trench Coat…


So who out there is excited for coat season? Pick me! Pick me! I’ve always loved adding a top layer to my outfit, so now that it’s starting to get a bit chilly I’ve had to start reevaluating the collection I brought down south from New York City. I no longer require extra heavy snow-proof jackets to get me through the season, but instead a lighter, more wearable piece that can still keep me warm. With all the rainy (i.e. crappy) cold weather Atlanta has seen these last few days, I realized that what is a real essential to my coat closet now is a great trench coat! In my opinion, is imperative that a trench (or really any fall/winter coat) hits right above the knee and has a belt to define my waist so I don’t look like a box. Now…if  I could just decide if I go for the bold red or the neutral camel colored one?

[Asos Classic Trench, $96.03]

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