Weekly Weakness – ban.do Hair Scarf…


band.do, $95

Living in the south where you start sweating the second you walk outside can be a bit of a bummer on your hair. I’m over the humidity making my do super frizzy after a good flat iron session, not to mention a serious case of “sweaty bang.” Since I have a love affair with all sorts of hair accessories (one drawer in my dresser is completely dedicated to these fun outfit makers), when I find one that is not only cute but can cover up dirty hair is a serious bonus!

I can’t think of anything better for the warmer season than this adorable silk scarf from my favorite hair accessory brand band.do! I would love to pair this silky scarf with an adorable red bikini or even with a yellow sundress. (Not to mention the red lip on the model is perfection with this scarf!) The signature heart print just makes any girl want to smile, plus the way it can easily be styled to camouflage that dirty unwashed sweaty hair is always a plus!

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  1. breezie castell

    omg, love this “sweaty bang” bahahaha. I’m going to try this look. I have a huge head but we’ll see how it goes :) . Love your blog, and you ARE a success story. You succeded in making and running your blog. Good for you. <3
    breezie castell

  2. Angel @ | 77inspire |a

    wow that silk scarf is $95? it is really cute though :) recently stumbled across your blog. lovely.