Weekly Weakness – Bob Dylan Tee…


While I realize a Bob Dylan tee may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect Weekly Weakness (but I’d hope so!), this one I’m going to refer to more as a Fashion Fate! Just the other day I was hanging out with a certain someone (a boy…swoon!) and he had on a seriously bad ass Bob Dylan tee. Being fan of BD, I made the comment about how I had been searching for one for myself but couldn’t find one. Low and behold the next day I click onto Forever21.com and the first item listed in their new arrivals section is, you guessed it, my boy Bobby staring right back at me! I told you…it was Fashion Fate! I love everything about it, and now that the weather is cooling down here in the south, my wardrobe always tends to lean more towards comfy worn in tees and jeans…making this new top the perfect addition to my closet that I know will certainly get a lot of wear this fall.

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