Weekly Weakness – Fletcher by Lyell Canvas Sandals


Finding the perfect springtime sandals is always a disaster. Either I pick the one sandal style that requires forty-five band-aids because they cause so many blisters, or I find a great pair and wear the heck out of them until nothing but a small strap and some safety pins are holding the shoe to my foot.

Well thank you Urban Outfitters for solving my springtime shoe dilemma this year. These canvas sandals are absolutely adorable! They are super comfortable (I’ve already tried them on) plus they come in a variety of colors for spring that will work with every outfit in my closet! Not only that, but any shoe that will show off my pretty painted toes is always an added bonus. Needless to say, these sandals are going to be a must for my wardrobe this season!

Urban Outfitters, $39 each

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  1. dawn

    i’ve had my eye on these for awhile!! glad to know they are comfy. i think now i’ll want to snag them in yellow, orange + blue!!