Weekly Weakness – GAP Maxi Dress


Gap, $89.95

I’m not one who usually shops at the GAP. Maybe it’s because I worked there for years in college (met a boy there and dated him for a few years, plus got a killer discount…obvi wasn’t a bad decision) so I guess you can say I overdosed on bootcut jeans, classic white tops, and the same ten songs being played on repeat during an eight hour shift.

It wasn’t until I stumbled onto gap.com the other day (I was visiting Old Navy’s site obvi) and saw this dress that I began to rethink my decision to keep the G-A-P on the back burner. I am obsessed with this dress!! The neckline is so flattering, the camo print is eye-catching, and I’m a sucker for a cute maxi dress in the summer!

And don’t forget – GAP sells Petities (for shorties like me) and Talls (for you supermodel giants out there) which makes me  even more eager to own this adorable dress this season!

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  1. Edit by Lauren

    So glad they sell petite sizes! Its so hard finding a maxi dress that doesn’t swallow me!

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      You’re not kidding! I’m only 4″11 so any time a place sells petite sizes I get really excited! Ann Taylor and Banana Republic also carry petite too!! xoxo PLIG