Weekly Weakness – GAP Sleeveless Zipper Shift Dress


I’m having a bit of a quarter life crisis with my wardrobe. It just seems like a lot of the pieces I own I’m just too old to wear anymore (booty short strapless romper I’m talking to you!). So now I’m consciously trying to buy more versatile pieces that say 27 year old professional adult rather than 22 year old intern without a clue. So when I found this little shift from GAP I figured, BINGO! It’s still young, with the funky back zipper detail and sexy but not too sexy short hemline, but it also can read conservative when paired with flats and a cardigan. Now do I want red or black? Decisions decisions…

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  1. Olivia

    I totally agree! It’s funny how styles evolve. I’m still trying to update my wardrobe with more classic pieces haha

  2. Carla

    I tried on the black one and it’s adorable. I have a lot of colorful cardigans so that’s why I chose that color, I felt like I couldn’t pair the red one with as many things :)