Weekly Weakness – H&M Flats


After a long and exhausting 4 days in NYC, my poor feet are aching for some relief. High heels for that many hours a day is not natural and my body is making  me pay for all the pain I put it through. So of course, my life will revolve around comfortable and cute flats for the next few weeks as I am in recovery-mode. After a recent trip to H&M, I saw that their shoe collection was totally rocking this season with classic styles like the ballet flat to funkier styles like printed slip on sneakers. So here are a few of my favorite flat footwear finds, which ones do you love?


Sneakers | Loafers | Ballet Flats | Slip-On

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  1. Amanda Jayne

    H&M has been turning it out for upcoming spring lately. There is nothing I love more the comfy go-to flats that look amazing.

    Great picks!