Weekly Weakness – J.Crew Wool Pants


 I don’t own a lot of trousers. To be more specific I own one. Yes, ONE pair of black trousers that I purchased years ago and I’d say have seen the light of day about three times. It’s not that I’m against pants (besides jeans) but I can never seem to find a pair that fit well, look good and don’t stretch out. That is until I found these J.Crew wool trousers. First off, I love that they aren’t black (I own enough black for goodness sake!) but what really gets me excited is the high waist (hello skinny!) and wide leg. These could be worn to the office with a chic silk blouse or, if you’re more casual, try it with simple platforms and an oversized cashmere sweater.

(J.Crew Wide Leg Stretch Wool Pants, $90)

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