Weekly Weakness – Kenneth Cole Silk Tunic


Kenneth Cole, $69.98

It is no secret I detest leggings worn as pants. I’m not sure why everyone saw Lindsay Lohan rocking this look in 2009 (pre rehab) and decided it was cool to copy, but it makes me want to cry when I see girls treating these stretchy cotton footless tights as jeans. However, even sometimes I break my own fashion rules…

I love the casual yet chic feeling of oversized silk tunics or button-down tops – yet I seem to only like how they look when worn with leggings! Crazy…I know! This shirt-dress hybrid in all it’s silky wonder just screams for a pair of skin tight black (and ONLY black are acceptable)  leggings and an awesome pair of black biker boots. This tunic from Kenneth Cole is such a pretty plum color and I love the added extra detailing with the pin-tucks – so sophisticated yet still super hipster in a way.

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