Weekly Weakness – LuLu’s Sage Green Shorts…


LuLu’s, $40

I’m not a weak girl. I can stand up for myself just fine and I don’t let silly things get the best of me. However, there are two things that this Grinch just melts for: 1) matters of the heart (i.e a boy with flowers who tells me I’m pretty and I’m yours forever) and 2) Lulus.com! So the boy has been given another chance (told y’all I’m a sucker!), and while perusing through the site I found myself in another moment of weakness –  I made not one but TWO purchases from my beloved Lulu’s! The first was an adorable polkda dot dress (here), but the real kicker are these absolutley BEAUTIFUL scallop edge sage green shorts! I consider myself to have pretty good self control for how much time I spend focusing on fashion,  but my instant-gratification need got the best of me, and now I sit here anxiously awaiting 5-10 business days for the arrival of my pretty purchases. Guess it’s pretty dead on that I call these posts my Weekly WEAKness.

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