Weekly Weakness – Pins and Needles Slip


Pins and Needles, $34

I have an addiction to slips. Now, before you think I’ve turned into an old lady with my latest obsession, hear me out as to why I am in love with this silky wonder…

They have a functional use (so you can’t see my blue polka dot panties underneath my sheer pink chiffon skirt), a fashion use (peeking out underneath a silk dress adds a sort of vintage vibe to any outfit), and they have a certain, umm…sexy time use (it’s not all about push up bras and thongs, ladies!). In the black hole that is my intimates drawer, I own all shapes and shades of skirt slips and full gown slips, and am hoping to add this one by Pins and Needles from Urban Outfitters to my ever-growing collection.

The bodice is ultra feminine with its lace detail, plus I love how it has a band to define my waist. (Even a slip needs to make me look skinny.) Not to mention, with those black boy-short panties underneath, this slip is super sexy (not slutty!) for those special occasions. Now, if only I could find a boy worth showing off my new purchase to…?

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  1. Edit by Lauren

    I am loving this slip! It is so feminine and just adorable! I never really thought about purchasing any until I read this and you are so right! They are perfect for hiding blue polka dots!