Weekly Weakness – Rachel Rachel Roy Romper


Rachel Roy, $99

Have y’all ever seen the movie Blame It On Rio? Long story short: an old man is sleeping with his daughters’ best friend in Rio. While the topic is a bit, well…gross, if you pay attention to the movie you can catch a ton of great 80’s fashion at its finest – one of my favorites being the romper. I know, I know! “Ugh! I can’t wear rompers, I’ll look like an oversized child!” But don’t fret my fellow PLIG, keep reading…

Rompers are one style that have stood the test of time and, if styled properly, can work for any occasion. Take this sexy Rachel Rachel Roy belted romper. Pair this with sky-high stilettos, opaque black tights, and dramatic chandelier earrings and you will easily run circles around any plain old cocktail-dressed girl at a party. For day, wear your chambray button-down underneath and pair it with some woven flat sandals and a crossbody bag – instantly all those girls in sundresses are looking at you with that evil (but 100% jealous) eye around the brunch table at the corner cafe.

So stop worrying and start romping! And since I know you’ll be thanking me later for pushing this fun style on you I’ll just say it now….you’re welcome!

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  1. Kathryn

    I can’t get enough rompers! I tried one on at F21 yesterday, but considering I had just bought myself a new wallet the day before, I could hardly justify buying anything. I love the fabric and bow around the waist on this Rachel Roy one! Jazzes the whole ensemble up a bit! xo