Weekly Weakness – Sole Society Flats


It’s no secret I love a good flat. Sure heels have a time and place, but even a short girl like myself enjoys the comfort and ease of a great flat shoe. So if I’m going to be embracing my sub five foot frame, I better have one killer shoe to make up for what I lack in height. That’s where these gorgeous Sweetheart Flats from Sole Society come in. With the almond toe shape, fun ankle strap and in a variety of colors, these are certainly to become my new go-to everyday shoes.

Poor Little It Girl's Weekly Weakness - Sole Society Sweetheart Flats

Sole Society Sweetheart Flats

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  1. Erin L.

    These are absolutely adorable. So glad Poor Little It Girl can introduce me to new fashion!

  2. Jessica

    1. Loving this post. I wish I could rock flats like this but my short stubby legs just look silly in them 2. I love the layout/style/etc etc of your posts. Job well done.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  3. Kodi

    I’ve been eyeing up those flats for a few weeks — they’re so simply dressed up. And they’ve got my niece’s name! Must be a sign I need to buy them and wear them in her honor.
    grey et al