Weekly Weakness – The WhitePepper Faux Leather Skirt


Obviously, given my Weekly Weakness choice this week, I have fall on the brain. Cool temperatures and changing leaves lends itself to longer hemlines and, of course, faux leather. Sure, my little white leather skirt from yesterday can be worn year round, but this black midi skirt is all about autumn! I love the thick waistband and the full pleats. Pair this with boots and a cozy sweater and I’m set for the new season. Now…if only it would stop being 90+ degrees so I could actually wear this skirt. (The WhitePepper Leather-Like Skirt @ ASOS)

Poor LIttle It Girl's Weekly Weakness - The WhitePepper Leather-Like Skirt

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  1. sofia

    What a great graphic t shirt. I have invested in quit a few this summer.

    Have a wonderful day.