Weekly Weakness – West Elm Wish List


I haven’t always been a lover of home decor and decorating,  but as of late, I’m totally obsessed! Browsing little things here and there both online and on my numerous Target trips gets me excited to add fun little pieces to our apartment to make it feel more like home. I recently shared our most recent apartment tour here on Poor Little It Girl and while I love how things came out, it’s still not quite finished. (Let’s be honest, is the decorating ever really finished? I don’t think so.) I typically thought of West Elm as a shop that was way out of my price range, but I was totally wrong! They have some great little finds, a bunch under $100, that can easily give shape and character to your own home. I shared a few of my favorites right here, but head to their site to see loads more that you’ll totally fall for too!

Poor Little It Girl - West Elm Wish List - @poorlilitgirl



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  1. Monica {Cake & Lilies}

    Completely agree re: doormats…ours is an average one right inside our apartment but it’s not the same as having something cute/unique to make a statement before guests enter!

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      I want a cool one for sure one day when we move into a house! xoxo Cathy

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      I know, right! if you do some digging you can find great stuff that’s super affordable! xoxo Cathy

  2. Jamie

    West Elm is a dangerous place for my wallet, I want it all!! That floor mirror is so perfect and looks like it could work in a variety of spaces. Being a military wife I always try to buy pieces that will be versatile enough to work from move to move.