When I Slam Doors ‘Cause I’m Pissed At You, I Mean It. When I Put On A Suit and Say I Do, I Mean It…


So I heard there are these people out there in the “real” world that, when they go to work, are required to wear a full, umm…SUIT! You know what I mean, the jacket, the pants (or long pencil skirt) with the button down shirt and, even worse, a vest. (I think I just threw up in my mouth.) While I may have chosen a career path that doesn’t necessarily bring in the Benjamin’s, I thank the Bonus Jonas every day that I’m not required to wear that disaster of a suit. But just because I’m lucky enough to not have to wear a matching jacket/pant polyester combo to the office every day, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy, and down right LOVE the suit blazer! They come in fitted and boyfriend styles, you can roll the sleeves up or keep them down (I’m pro roll) and best of all, they are the perfect addition to a pair of jeans or a feminine dress for fall!

1. Miss Selfridge Contrast Blazer, £40.00
2. Topshop Shrunken Blazer, $80
3. Quiksilver Schoolboy Blazer, $89.50
4. Forever 21 Ruched Sleeve Jacket, $37.80

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