Wood, Smoke, and Moonshine…


Asos, $41.38

Not going to lie, I’ve been racking my brain all day trying to figure out what I wanted to do today’s post on. I went all over the fashion spectrum looking for that special accessory I wanted to share with my fellow IT Girls. Finally, it dawned on me to take it back to the basics – wooden accessories. The no fuss natural style of wood really has the ability to bring such a down-to-earth yet funky style to any outfit.

I’m no noob to the wooden trend. I remember way back in the day (when I really wanted to be a Spice Girl) I rocked the craziest pair of wood platform shoes you’ve ever seen! Thank the baby Jonas that my style has become a bit more sophisticated since the days of jamming to “2 become 1” and I can now rock wood without the fear of scaring small children.

These wooden outfit makers can offer so many different style vibes. This Anthropologie necklace is the utmost of feminine with its flower and pearls, while the snakeskin Jessica Simpson heels look like they came straight from the hippies of the 60’s. Each way is so unique – yet with the wood base they will always be considered such a classic.

Sku, $40

Forever 21, $34.80

Anthropologie, $48

Zara Terez, $70

Jessica Simpson, $69.99

Kenneth Jay Lane, $69.99

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  1. Rachel

    Haha thank the baby Jonas… I love it. If you don’t mind me suggesting (since I’d love to hear what you think about these), you could post about sunglasses, makeup/nail polish, hair styles, hair accessories, or maybe even the perfect ensemble for an event (gasparilla, valentines day, etc.)
    I love you and I love your blog!!! K bye.

  2. cathyanderson

    Hi Rachel! Thanks for the ideas!! Not going to lie, I’ve done one post on beauty – but that is really such unchartered territory for me so I’ve been scared to jump onto that. But the time will come I’m sure! And sunglasses are DEF on the way. I mean look at my banner…obvi I’m obsessed with them! (That banner is actually a picture I took myself of some of my favorite sunglasses from my personal collection, I have at least 30 pairs! Ha!

    Cathy, your Poor Little IT Girl

  3. Kathryn

    Thank anthro necklace is right up my ally! The little floral accent is a perfect little touch. Jessica Simpson is also one of my favorite shoe designers. I have to admit my love for her started with Newlyweds… yes, I own not one, but all of the seasons. And now she’s bustin’ out great shoes! Congrats on the busiest day ever too! :) xo