It Was A Perfect Ending To 2015


At the risk of sounding too cheesy, 2015 has been one amazing/exciting/scary year. We moved apartments, hosted a successful Southern Blog Society conference, I traveled out west, Poor Little It Girl became my full time job, and most recently, Adam proposed. I went back and forth with “Do I really want to do a year end recap post on the blog, or just start fresh in the New Year?” But after looking back at all these posts, a look back at what I fight for each and every day to be successful, it just didn’t feel right to end the year without sending out a sincere thank you to all my readers who have supported me over the last five years. The ones that come here every day for whatever reasons Poor Little It Girl connects with you, I thank you. So as I get ready to take on 2016 with so many exciting new projects, collaborations and travel in the works, I hope you enjoy looking back on fifteen posts that I just loved from 2015! (Head to the bottom where I’ve linked to the original post!) Happy New Year, everyone…see you in January!

Poor Little It Girl - A Year End Recap of 2015 Looks - @poorlilitgirl

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  1. TJ

    Happy New Year Cathy!
    Love your style, truly gorgeous and your personality shines through to make your blog a success. :) All my best wishes and good luck for 2016 Cathy!

  2. Leah Bowens

    Happy New Year Cathy!! I’m so glad you shared you favorite looks from the year because I love your and I stop by everyday to see what your going to do next!

    The Chicago Suburbanista

  3. Sibylle

    Congratulations to you wonderful blog! I love it. As I’m living in Europe it would be great to know your body height… Shipment to Switzerland is super expensive…? Thank you