Your One And Only Pleasure, All Decked In Lace And Leather…


(Lovely in lace…)

Is there anything as pretty in the spring as delicate lace? Whether it’s a full dress, a pretty skirt, sexy lingerie, or a small detailed trim on denim shorts, lace is so feminine and sweet this season you can’t help but feel ultra-girly. I recently purchased this lace dress from ZARA and whenever I put it on, all i want to to do is go twirl around and show off how dang cute I look in my latest lace look. So here’s some inspiration for all you ladies to be lovely in lace for spring!

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(Post Title: “Lace and Leather” by Britney Spears)

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  1. Sarade

    Thank you for this gorgeous and inspiring feature! I absolutely never get bored with lace; especially not when it comes in so many gorgeous colors.

  2. joyce

    I never used to like lace, but they look so pretty to me lately… i love those shorts with the little lace detail!