So I’ll Watch Your Life In Pictures Like I Used To Watch You Sleep…


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know by now that I have a serious obsession with Instagram. For those of you not in the know, it’s an iPhone App that let’s you take pictures and then put them through a number of filters – basically just think of it as instant Photoshop to make everything in your life look cooler. So when one of my favorite bloggers, Lacey from A Lacey Perspective, did a post on her Insta-love, I knew I had to follow suit and show my readers how obsessed I am with this picture taking technique too! Here are a few of my favorite insta-pics I’ve taken over the last few months…just a small glimpse inside the life of this Poor Little It Girl, through the filtered lens of Instagram!

1. Forever 21 Mary Jane’s – my favorite/the most painful shoes I own.
2. Poor Little It Girl’s very 1st business cards.
3. Pizza. (I have a serious obsession)
4. Jason Wu Show at Jeffrey Fashion Cares in Atlanta.
5. The only jewelry I wear every day – Honesty, Janna Conner, CC Skye
6. My first fashion purchase in Atlanta – vintage hat for $30

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  1. Lucija

    Oh I just fell in love with your blog, it is so smart and chic!
    Follow each other? :))